Terms And Conditions

Be sure you have understood the conditions and terms before you using this site. The website supply characteristics and contents which are linked to their services as well, but, the contents uploaded because you haven’t consulted with any health professionals herein will not be considered medical advice. See the terms of use to be properly directed.

The Contents Of The Site

Images, videos, the photographs, texts along with other forms of contents with this site really should not be regarded as a medical advice. You’ve got to take into account seeking viewpoints from Board Certified surgeons for the surgical needs. They understand the procedures as well as the process you should get.

Several of the images presented may have some types of nudity, because the web site displays the result of plastic surgery. They’re not meant to offend nor damage the standing of any individual of sex and any age. Thus, should you believe they’re offensive in your culture, ensure that you be careful in opening other pages along with our photo gallery.

Website Users

You should be not less than 18 years old to become user of the site. Otherwise, you need to avoid applying this web site. Fill up the enrollment form in case you are above and 18 years old. You’re under 18 and in case you must actually desire info on the site, you have to bear in mind that your private info is gathered by us.

Upon enrollment, you must also secure your accounts and are responsible to the data you’ve supplied. You shouldn’t divulge username and your password to other people to prevent malicious use that is potential.

Services of the Website. The services of the site are for private use and you also need to avoid utilizing it. Alternative contents or the pictures and videos may be used for the own personal consumption but should never be utilized for almost any commercial intentions.

Duplicate you agree to not download and replicate the contents for any functions. There are also third party businesses who’ve posted their info and the web site possesses the copyright so when user you must know about their terms of use at the same time.

As a user, you send opinions, submit posts and join up with the discussion boards, join newsgroup and the chat services and need to use the email services. Nevertheless, be sure to refrain from doing the following:

Post information regarding the patients;

Submit remarks that are contemptuous;

Post improper and prohibited contents;

Software and upload files which will damage the site;

Upload pictures that are obscene;

Break copyright and patents;

Assemble other people’s tips for malicious purposes; and also other offences that are prohibited not mentioned here.

Payment to the services. Using the site is free; nevertheless, in the event you hire services of the surgeons affiliated to the web site or will register for consultancy services, you have to agree on the payment of the services which will not be covered on the terms of use and will never be revealed. No third party associations are commissioned to run groups on benefit as well as for the site.

The organization reserves the right to alter the Terms of Use.